Teacher Created Podcasting- Ten Easy Steps! Turning the iPod into a teaching tool! ipodspin.gif

What is a podcast? What is a screencast?

Samples...Here is my very first recording one year ago....

Here is my work one year later.....

I created www.masterymaze.com to host my work and share!

Two years later--It's all about online learning--My Moodle Mania!

1. Why?

  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Because they have the technology
  • Because they can study anonymously- Sad but true!
  • Because we can and..
  • Desperation!

To create a simple audio podcast, you will need:

  • A podcast or screencast recording program. We will use Audacity! It's free to download on your computer.
  • Headphones/mic
  • Simple outline/script
  • You can add music if you wish!

2. Let's give it a try! Open Audacity on your desktop!

Go to the share folder and click on the LAME encoder. (You only need to do this once-- It allows you to save it as a mp3.)

Now we begin....

1. Record a introduction or hello message! Include:

  • Brief bio about yourself and your teaching
  • Why you signed up for this presentation..
  • Your interest or goals for this in your classroom...
  • Anything else you would like to talk about..

2. Save it as .wav or mp3 to your desktop.


  • Create! Click the red button and talk!
  • Click stop when you are done or pause if you need to ponder.
  • Save as .wav or mp3 file!

3. If you have a wikispaces account, or want to create one, you can save your podcast here! If not, save it to your share folder for later use, or to a webpage if you know how!

4. What about Screencasting? Let's try Camtasia Studio!

What can you create with a screencast?

  • Record a powerpoint presentation!

  • Record anything that is going on on the screen!

  • Do you have a smartboard? if so, you can record anything that you do on the smartboard as well.

  • Do you have a webcam? You can record yourself alone, or you can record yourself with a screencast (ie powerpoint or screen recording) as well!

  • You can add video, music, or other digital media to the presentation as well!

  • You can produce these in many file formats to go many different places. They can be loaded on mp3 players or on video iPods. You can even have them available through a feed like iTunes!

Here's a sample !
  • Here is a math sample and screencast sample from my schoolwires website!!

5. Are you ready? Let's give it a try!

Open what you would like to record, and we will begin..

Plug in your headphones and put them on! :)

Once you have done that, open Camtasia Studio from your Programs or Desktop.

Click on the choice you want-- Powerpoint? Screencast?

Check you audio connection to make sure it is working.. testing, one two three...Do you see the green bar moving? If so, you are in business!

When you are ready. click RECORD and you are on your way.

If you want to pause, click F9. To resume, click 9. To finish, click F10 or escape from the powerpoint!

Then--save it.

6. YES we want to edit! Add music or whatever..

My main editing tools-- CUT, fade in, fade out for music, volume up, volume down. If you have two timelines in your presentation, be sure you lock the one you are NOT editing, before you go to the next. You'll get the hang of it!


Wait a few minutes....see the preview, like it?

Click finish!TA DA! You did it! Easy huh?

If you need some help, see the Camtasia site for a million tutorials. Here is some additional help.


Camtasia Studio tutorial center
Additional tutorials.
Remember that you can always find answers to your questions on YouTube!

8. Summary of the steps to screencast success!

  • Create a powerpoint
  • Create a script
  • Practice a little
  • Relax
  • Record- Open powerpoint and click on "additional tools" at the top of the browser. Click the red button and run the powerpoint as you would, talking at the same time.
  • Edit- If you have a script and have practiced, you won't need much!
  • Produce- Click the produce tab! (What file format? See what your host requires and pick the type from the menu along with mp3. You can always use the mp3 for audio only!
Load it to your site!

9. Let's review! Where can I put the podcasts and screencasts for student access?

  • Your website if you have one!
  • Your Moodle if you have one!
  • From your computer at school directly loaded to theirs through iTunes( for iPods) or Windows Media Player.
  • Set up a folder on the share drive if you have one for students to access easily from school!
  • Really into this? You can create a feed in iTunes. You can do that through any number of sites including www.feedburner.com.
  • Other ideas?

For iTunes loading to your students players, you will need:

  • iTunes loaded on your computer.
  • Correct file format--MPEG4 You can convert it in iTunes or www.zamzar.com
  • Create correct file format and copy it into iTunes. (We have it loaded on one machine in my room)
  • Host it on a site where they can download or have a feed to iTunes! (See intermediate podcasting for more on this)

What is a feed? Why do I ultimately want this? Because they will get it without asking for it! Boom- It's there! See the wiki or this video.

10. Palmer's Top Ten Keys to Success for teacher created podcasting!

1. Start with audio only. Work up to screencasting when you feel comfortable with the process and steps.
2. Plan- Have a simple outline or script
3. Don't worry about it being perfect
4. Edit a bit
5. Keep it short
6. Add music to keep them awake!
7. Do them regularly so it becomes a part of the routine
8. Take pride in the successes. They won't all use them BUT more will use them than you know!
9. Keep you originals and remix when you have time.
10. Congratulate yourself for the extra effort. The kids appreciate it!

Other Cool Ways to use the iPod!

  • iQuiz
  • Hard drive
  • Notes for documents
  • Flash card photos
  • As a recorder to create podcasts (purchase the additional recorder)
  • See the Blog in the Maze for more on this!

Other teacher examples!

Creating an online assignment list for students to create their own podcasts. See Brenda's links here!

Podcasting stories like the Titanic!

See **www.masterymaze.com** for more examples in the Subjects section!

Don't try to do it alone! Collaborate and learn from others! You are not the only one crazy enough to do this! Here's where you can find me!

Thanks so much for your attention! Good Luck with your podcasting and screencasting!

Sue Palmer