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My class is a hybrid! My students are loving the new online learning extension I have created at H159 Online. See more about this below.

This page provides some highlights of my current and planned projects using technology in the classroom and work on professional development and training. You will see that these projects generally are interactive and differentiated. At all levels I attempt to provide lessons addressing multiple learning styles and abilities as I am an inclusion teacher and teach a very dynamic mix of students.

I would love to hear your ideas or similar projects! Collaboration is key to maximizing our impact as educators.

Feel free to email me at masterymaze any thing you would like to share. You may also subscribe to the pages in this Wiki and add your updates there as well. Thanks!

My sites: Just launched!

Hybrid High School!

We are in an era of transformation in education. Many changes are on the horizon as we see digital and online learning integrated into our instructional programs. I have created a new site to provide updated information on these trends and policy changes at the state and federal level. We need to be informed and open to the new changes before us. Change is happening whether we are happy about it or not. Let's be ready, shall we? See for more on this important topic.

My Classroom Goes Online-- H159 Online!

All of my students and classes now include online learning via Moodle in my site Every week we have online learning as well as regular classroom instruction. See my presentation where I discuss and discribe this type of teaching, called "Hybrid High School" on my site Hybrid teaching is very effective! See spalmeronline for more info as well as well my YouTube videos! There is one typo in the following video-- Sorry-- can't fix it as I lost the original file-- Still worth watching, I think.

Masterycast Podcast Project on

MasteryCastAlbumArt.jpg MasteryCastChatAlbumArt.jpg

We continue to use the masterycast podcasts which I have created and have on my site as a review tool for my Global 9 and US History students. Students are accessing them from the website both at home and in school and several have been downloading them on their iPods. This year I also have one of my colleagues in the department working with me on podcasts for the Modern World History course. This addition gives us full coverage of the Regents exam courses in the New York curriculum. Click on the Subjects tabs and you will see the content on the Maze. Registered users from all over the world are using these resources for learning. The site offers other features as well. The podcasts are also in iTunes! Also new this year is a second podcast for teachers called Masterycast Chat. this podcast is targetted for teachers interested in using these types of tools to help students succeed. Time has only permitted four podcasts to date, but I plan more over the break and summer! Explore the Maze!

iPod Educators

I love NING and use for various types of courses and activities. Last spring I started a NING called iPod Educators for teachers who are interested in using handheld and similar technology for teaching and learning. I have done little to build the site but it continues to grow on its own as interest and awareness of these tools spread. Visit us as!

Online Learning- The Global Lab!


I have created a review class in Moodle for student who have failed or are at risk of failing the Global 10 Regents exam which is a requirement for graduation. This exam is the largest source of problems in our district and is often a contributing factor to students dropping out of school. My review course called The Global Lab provides differentiated resources for student review. See the video below for more info! The Lab has been rolled out to over 50 students identified to be at risk for this test to supplement the work being done in their regular classrooms. It is a closed online space. I teach this in a hybrid model--I do not see all students every day.

Online Learning- A Hybrid Online Elective- "Issues and Ethics in the Online World"

This is a proposed elective course for next year in the high school called, "Issues and Ethics in an Online World". The course focus will be issues such as online speech, cybercrime, cyberbullying, copyright and digital media and internet safety. The course is propsed as a hybrid course with class on alternating days. Students will have online activities when not in class and will learn not only the issues relating to our Internet Age, but the skills needed to navigate an online course at the college level. Keep your fingers crossed that the budget holds out and we can offer this great class. Can't wait! :)

Training and Professional Development

Thanks to all of the district who have invited me to share. My moodle at has proved to be a great way to introduce and bring my presentations to life. How best to learn about these topics than to experience them online! I love "hands on" training opportunities and look forward to more invitations.


NYSCATE Lee Bryant Outstanding Technologist Award 2008

  • Nominated for ISTE Outstanding Teacher Leader Award, 2009, NECC 2009

Training and Speaking Engagements-

    • November 2010- NYSCATE Conference, Rochester, New York, Topic: "Hybrid Teaching in Core Classes"
    • February 2010- Westfield presentation on Hybrid High School and Copyright and other legal issues for Educators.
    • November 2009- NYSCATE Conference, Rochester, New York, Topic: "Hybrid High School"
    • November 2009- Alden High School, Meeting with Social Studies teachers to discuss options to incorporate tech to their program.
    • October 2009- Hinsdale Central Schools- Topic:- Teaching with Technology and Online Learning Update
    • July 2009- "High Schools New Face" Conference presentation in Ellicottville, New York, entitled "Hybrid High School" where we share how we can modify our traditional classroom so include online learning and a hybris format.- This presentation is an hybrid presentation combining hands on experience in moodle both during and after the actual meeting. Participants came back to the presentation online for additional information.
    • June 2009- Keynote presentation at the Erie1 BOCES "Technology leaders for the 21st Century" administrators conference. Topic: "Teaching and Learning with Technology- Yes we can!" In this presentation I demonstrated some of the techniques and tools which I used this past year in my classroom in podcasting and online learning. Remember, I am NOT a tech teacher and wanted to convey the fact that all teachers can use simple tools to reach kids and improve learning! With a little help and support, we can all use these tools to make our classrooms more engaging and improve student results!
    • 21st Century Leadership May 2009- Attica Central Schools- Topics: Teacher Created Podcasting; and Legal Issues for Educators with a focus on Copyright!-
    • March 2008- "The Digital Wave" Regional Conference, Erie1 BOCES. Topics: Teacher Created Podcasting; and Cool Tools for the Non Techie Teacher.
    • November 2008- NYSCATE Annual Conference, Rochester, New York. Topic: Legal Issues for Educators.
    • Akron Central Schools- October Teacher Training on Podcasting , Camtasia Studio, and "Cool Tools".
    • Canisius College- Adjunct Professor, DMA 204- "Digital Media Law and Ethics".

And by the way...

I am also an attorney. Once a lawyer, always a lawyer....I feel strongly that we need to follow the copyright rules! See my spalmeronline site for copyright and legal issues info and presentations as well. There is no reason to right click and copy. We have many resources available these days under proper licensing. Be a role model--not a thief! :)

Adjuct Professor, Canisius College, DMA 204, "Digital Media Law and Ethics"