High School Online Learning...Can we? How? (This presentation is under construction!)

Sue Palmer
Akron High School

We believe we can implement online learning at the high school level. Today we will show you why we think it can be done and give you some ideas to do so!


What is Online Learning?
What is the research behind it?
What are some of the advantages and benefits of using it?
What are some tools to do? Ning (show mine), angel (show mine)
Case Study--The Global Lab
Let's give it a try....(jump into moodle for the balance-- have students try to different module types and have the topics be the balance of the presentation...add a video, features, )
What are some of the problems and challenges?
Why should we try to overcome them? (differentaited instruction, increased focus,extends classroom day, gives kids something else to do on the computer, teachers more skills,college, online business uses, communication tool generally, etc)
feedback and questions,, link out to the wiki to show resources and continue the conversation and show how it can be used with other things...