Original Creation by Susan Palmer, April 2008

Revised for ACS Conference Training October 2008. If you are using a hard copy of this presentation, begin in the wiki at www.masterymaze.com.

Today we will take a look at some cool tools. Please explore these in order presented, if possible. While some of them are "processing", you can go to the next and explore that as well!

PREFACE--A word about Schoolwires! I LOVE our website created in Schoolwires. It has become the platform for my online presence and my students love it! It is a great place to add cool tools to your instructional resources! Here's a peek at my schoolwires site!

I will not talk about podcasting today, however it has been the tool I have used most this past year. I will mention Camtasia Studio as my number one tool, and ask you to look to the podcast presentations and resources on this site after the presentation for more info! My "masterycast" podcasts are in the Subjects section of www.masterymaze.com.

Here we go...

1. I love Wikispaces! This presentation is created on a page in wikispaces! More on wiki's later in the presentation..

I use wiki pages for presentations and resource pages. People from all over the world can add to your work! Totally cool! Students can use them as well, but you will want to set up an education account. They can be private, or public. Our district has approved wikispaces for high achool. Middle and elementary will use the wiki program in Honeycomb!

2. We love Animoto !

Here are the steps!
  • Register with your email address and follow the steps to create your own video!
  • Pick 10 pictures
  • Highlight the ones you want to showcase
  • Add some music
  • Produce! While waiting, explore the Sketchcast site! Check your email for the produced video.

Click here for a sample!

Check out this school promo video where they mixed their own audio, and added other text pdf's. Cool!

3. Create an online class discussion with VoiceThread!

Please explore the sample below to get the feel for what it is. When finished, please browse the examples on the site to see the many ways this tool may be used! Teachers have a free upgrade available to a Pro account! You may also use more than one identity per email address. Students can use your email address!
Here are the steps!
  • Register and sign in
  • Upload the photos, doc, or vide which is to be the subject of the voice thread.
  • Create it!
  • Add you comments! You may do this in writing, audio, or webcam video.
  • Students may all use the same email address. Create additional identities for them.

4. Flip Books can be really easy! Here's one option. See the cool tools wiki link for more types. Try Issuu !

Here are the steps!
  • Create a three page powerpoint or text doc to test the tool! Save the document to a PDF! Go to www.zamzar.com to do so if your computer does not have it as an option.
  • Register
  • Upload and you are done!
Embed the file to a webpage. It is NOT recommended that you have students work accessed on the site as it may contain inappropriate content. (We are working on changing that. You can help by writing to Issuu and asking for an educational format.)
Here's an example of what you can create! Here is how you can bring the term paper to life!

5. Create a timeline on your own or with a group with XTimeline ! See the cool tools wiki link for another example of a similar site.

  • Take a look.
  • Register to try one out!
  • These can be created by groups as well!
You can browse the site for examples. We also have one in the American Revolution lesson of the Maze as well!

6. Like widgets? We do! Here is a great widget site. If you want to create your own, go to Sprout!

Here is a widget I made to count down the number of days to the Global 10 Regents exam!

The widget below is from widget box. It is an extra credit assignment for all of my students.
I find myself reading the news on this myself! It is interestingto comare the news around the world. Click on the maps along the top to see papers in all parts of the world.

7. Need a new look? :) Voki can add a new "face" to your classroom!

8. Use cell phones to create podcasts with Gabcast!

9. Set up your own social network! Create a NING! Here's mine!

You can create a NING on any topic or interest. Teachers are creating them for their classes as they can be private. NING has an education program to remove ads from the site. The age is 13 or above.


We are MAD about Moodle!

I will show you mine as part of the presentation. If you are interested in online learning in an environment like this, see Deby!

Take a minute and explore the wiki concept. Watch part of this short clip until you get the idea!

When you have explored the rest of the tools, check back and set up your own wiki for your class! See the links to the left and add your own favorites.


WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED, or have just had enough, click here for the last step~ :)